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LMS_new logo_dark_2  The Leadership Mindset Series – Leadership Development – Don’t you deserve to lead and play on a great team that is winning? Employees are firing their managers and leaving to go find a better leader and team. We can help you grow your business and have a winning team.  Meet some of our coaches:

1.) Develop Team Play Mentality – NBA All Star Dominique WilkinsNBA: Atlanta Hawks at Phoenix Suns

2.) Alignment of Mind and Heart – The Perfect Plan Don Bardendon headshot

3.) Use the Entire Team – Atlanta Hawks Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer Nzinga Shaw Nzingashaw

4.) Be Prepared for the Big Moments – Dave Sanderson – Last man off  Flight 1549 landing in the Hudson

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Your Surgical Instruments Aren’t As Clean as you Think


Your instruments are sterile right? Probably not unless you are checking all of them frequently. Learn more in this edition of What’s Next Dentistry Episode 23.

Surgical Instruments and how they are handled and packaged could lead to a fine or your office being forced to closed. There is so much more at play than meets the eye. Enjoy listening to this podcast brought to you by Laeta, Inc

People Are Stealing From You! Find out How.


We are so focused on caring for our patients as health care providers that we forget there are people waiting to take advantage of us. So much money enters our offices and we see none of it as it exchanges hands. What have you instituted in your practice to protect your most valuable asset, CASH FLOW?

After speaking with hundreds of dentists they all say once you have been in practice long enough you will have had an employee that steals from you. Usually, it is your most trusted person; the one that no one would have expected. $100,000 or more later you learn, I trusted a thief.

There is a way to protect your checks, insurance reimbursements, bank accounts, and cash. When was the last time you checked out what your staff are doing to protect your money? Find out what to do and how in Episode 22 of What’s Next Dentistry.

Is Your Business Going To Have Its Best Summer Ever?

In Episode 21 of the weekly podcast series What’s Next Dentistry we explore what takes many business owners by surprise, summer time. Even though this recurring annual event is familiar to all of us, it still seems most business are underprepared for the sunny season.

Listen to “Is your business going to have its best summer ever” about how to prepare your business so it can have its most productive summer yet! A little work now will allow you and your family to fill those beach chairs while your business back home is booming rather than sitting on the sand worrying about the office.

Your Business Is Growing – Now What?


All your time and hard work are paying off. Your customers are happy, they are referring new clients and your schedule is filling up. As you hire additional doctors and staff to help, you are beginning to run out of space to put everyone. Now What?

Complexity increases as you leave the shore and begin paddling out into deeper waters. Do you continue on your own or bring on a partner? As you need more money to grow your business find out what to do and where to go in Episode 19 of What’s Next Dentistry. Most importantly, once you have tapped out the banks and still want to grow what do you do?

Listen to Episode 19 of What’s Next Dentistry to find out your options. We can help and look forward to hearing from you.

How Does Your Team Know They Are Doing A Good Job?


A soccer ball arriving in the back of the net clearly indicates you got the job done. How about at the office? How does your team know they scored a goal?

In Episode 18 of What’s Next Dentistry, we talk about setting up goal posts, covering them with a net, and having a clear indication of when each member of the team has scored a goal.

Each of us wants to know when we are personally doing our job and when our team is winning. Working and not knowing how we are doing, is demotivating. Is it any wonder employees waste so much time at work; they don’t know if they are winning or losing. What motivates them? Who keeps tally? Who holds them accountable? Well, the answer, at most places of employment, is no one.

We explore ways to create a figurative soccer goal at work. Check out Episode 18 of What’s Next Dentistry and let us know what you think.

Did Your Accountant Save You All The Money They Could?


Is your business growing 10-20% or more this year? How about last year? Did you get the amount of money back from your taxes you wanted? See how to make this happen in Episode 17 of What’s Next Dentistry.

We all pay for professional services to help run the financial parts of our businesses. Often, we still have questions or simply don’t understand, even though we just spoke with our accountant. In these instances, we are effectively flying solo. It doesn’t need to be that way. If you have a question or don’t understand something, call us. We are happy to explain even if you aren’t a client of ours. If you business is struggling, call us. Waiting until tomorrow, so often, is too late. Call now (770) 691-5528. Listen to this edition of What’s Next Dentistry to find out what you should expect from your tax, bookkeeping and accounting team.

Take off your hat. Stop hiding underneath it. Tax, bookkeeping, and accounting teams aren’t all the same. If you don’t like or fully understand the one you have or they aren’t putting enough money in your pocket, perhaps it’s time for an upgrade?

Each month you should speak with a member of your financial team. Few people receive this level of service even though we could all really benefit from it. Finding someone you enjoy and look forward to speaking with is key. Hiding under a hat to avoid these discussions won’t help.

Come out from under the shadows into the light no matter what you look or feel like. It doesn’t matter. Come out today! Avoiding or not having monthly financial discussions only makes things worse.

If you feel uncomfortable or self conscious we want to make these important conversations interesting, helpful, and pleasant.

Your business should, and deserves to grow. It can if you have the right financial team helping you.

Listen to this edition of What’s Next Dentistry to find out what you should expect from your tax, bookkeeping and accounting team.

Reach out to us now to see how this year can be better than your last.

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Dentists, Lilly Pads, and YOUR Future!


Dentistry is changing quickly, think back to the first time you saw a large dental office. Now think to when you heard of a group of dental offices with centralized back office services called a Dental Service Organization (DSO). As of 2018, 15% of all dental offices are DSOs and this has occurred in a short period of time. Check out Episode 14 – Dentistry Beyond DSOs of the podcast What’s Next Dentistry to hear more.

The following French riddle illustrates what may be happening with DSOs, dentistry, and YOUR Future. “A lily pad is growing in a pond and it doubles in size every day. After 30 days it covers the entire pond. On what day does it cover half the pond?

For a long time the lily pad seems small, and so you decide not to worry about cutting it back until it covers half the pond. On what day will that be? On the twenty-ninth day, of course. You have one day to save your pond.” – The Limits to Growth – A report for the CLUB OF ROME’S project on the predicament of mankind. Donella H. Meadows, Dennis L. Meadows, Jørgen Randers, William W. Behrens III – 1972

What is the doubling time for DSOs? We don’t know. However, for the moment, DSOs are growing quickly.

With this in mind let’s look now at the latest things happening in Dentistry:

1) Dental Insurance Companies hire participating dentists to work for them.

2) Dental Insurance Companies are buying and owning dental practices and DSOs.

Let’s look now to the future:

1) Medical insurance companies and other health companies buyout dental insurance companies.

2) Dental expenses are covered by medical insurance, which drives down the cost of care to patients.

The future of dentistry is unfolding right now and there is a lot happening. Check out Episode 14 – Dentistry Beyond DSOs of the podcast What’s Next Dentistry to hear more.

If you are entrepreneurially inclined I would love to speak to you and hear your opinion about the future of dentistry. Please reach out to me via LinkedIn or to continue the conversation.

Enhancing Your Performance: Giving Yourself the Advantage


Each April the Boston Marathon takes place. In 2018 torrential rain and temperatures in the 30s forced 2,500 runners including 25 elite athletes to receive medical treatment. This year’s 122nd annual Boston Marathon was particularly grueling.

What helps runners in a marathon? How do they cope with the race and conditions? Many credit their success to more than being physically fit.


In Episode 16 of What’s Next Dentistry we explore lessons learned from marathoners and others who achieve great things. Some of what is shared is counter intuitive but the applicability to enhancing our performance is fascinating. Join me for Episode 16 of What’s Next Dentistry entitled Enhancing Your Performance: Giving Yourself the Advantage.

Sponsored by Laeta. See how Laeta can improve your profits, work life, and time off.

Special thanks to Lorenzo Emanuel for the music used in the podcast.

Tomorrow Will be Different for YOU as a Dentist and Patient. See how!

There is more happening in dentistry today than meets the eye. Patients and most dental professionals don’t know the full extent of what they have signed up for. See Dr. Mark Sivers’ latest article What Is the Future of Dentistry or listen to Episode 14 of  What’s Next Dentistry on how dentistry is going to improve for patients and change for dental professionals. lily-939053_1920.jpg