Life on the Forefront of Dentistry

Since 1994, Dr. Mark Sivers and his team have pushed themselves to remain on the forefront of the dental industry. Doing so, has made Dr. Sivers an industry expert.

His past activities have included:

  1. Buying and rolling practices into his.
  2. Transitioning from blue collar, to professionals, to VIP patient care.
  3. Eliminating dental insurance and shifting to patients paying personally for treatment.
  4. Beta testing digital impressions with MIT and Brontes Labs (now 3M).
  5. Collaborating with Harvard Business School professors to put more business principles into dentistry.
  6. Implementing high performance streamlined dentistry.
  7. Incorporating digital and intra-oral photography with every patient to track changes and document what is being done and why.
  8. Adding digital radiographs and 3-D imaging into the care of every patient.
  9. Putting proven principles from manufacturing into place, to improve the patient experience and results, while making dentistry more enjoyable for the team and profitable for the doctor.
  10. Creating and/or partnering with companies that improve the quality of life for patients, dentists, and their teams. These include accounting, high efficiency training, leadership training, dental office site selection and design, dental equipment manufacturing, payroll, and travel services.
  11. Involving other dentists and dental offices in philanthropic dental activities to provide free care days to the indigent of Boston.

The future for dentistry now lies in the consolidation of the industry through dental service organizations (DSO) among other things. We are looking for extraordinary team players, that are easy to get along with and very hard working to join us in shaping the future of our profession.

I would love to hear you opinion about the future of dentistry. Please reach out to me via my LinkedIn contact.

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