Enhancing Your Performance: Giving Yourself the Advantage


Each April the Boston Marathon takes place. In 2018 torrential rain and temperatures in the 30s forced 2,500 runners including 25 elite athletes to receive medical treatment. This year’s 122nd annual Boston Marathon was particularly grueling.

What helps runners in a marathon? How do they cope with the race and conditions? Many credit their success to more than being physically fit.


In Episode 16 of What’s Next Dentistry we explore lessons learned from marathoners and others who achieve great things. Some of what is shared is counter intuitive but the applicability to enhancing our performance is fascinating. Join me for Episode 16 of What’s Next Dentistry entitled Enhancing Your Performance: Giving Yourself the Advantage.

Sponsored by Laeta. See how Laeta can improve your profits, work life, and time off.

Special thanks to Lorenzo Emanuel for the music used in the podcast.

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