How Does Your Team Know They Are Doing A Good Job?


A soccer ball arriving in the back of the net clearly indicates you got the job done. How about at the office? How does your team know they scored a goal?

In Episode 18 of What’s Next Dentistry, we talk about setting up goal posts, covering them with a net, and having a clear indication of when each member of the team has scored a goal.

Each of us wants to know when we are personally doing our job and when our team is winning. Working and not knowing how we are doing, is demotivating. Is it any wonder employees waste so much time at work; they don’t know if they are winning or losing. What motivates them? Who keeps tally? Who holds them accountable? Well, the answer, at most places of employment, is no one.

We explore ways to create a figurative soccer goal at work. Check out Episode 18 of What’s Next Dentistry and let us know what you think.

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