LAETA is your healthcare expert, a river guide for dentists and companies entering the dental health arena. We make your journey safer and easier, and more predictable.  LAETA - How it Benefits You (5).jpgWe know what is coming before it arrives and prepare you for it.


We buy, build, and partner with dental practices and groups across the USA. Come affiliate with Laeta and see what we can do for you.


Regardless of your capital needs our partners typically can find a product to suit your needs.


LMS_new logo_dark_2  The Leadership Mindset Series – Leadership Development – Don’t you deserve to lead and play on a great team that is winning? Employees are firing their managers and leaving to go find a better leader and team. We can help you grow your business and have a winning team.  Meet some of our coaches:

1.) Develop Team Play Mentality – NBA All Star Dominique WilkinsNBA: Atlanta Hawks at Phoenix Suns

2.) Alignment of Mind and Heart – The Perfect Plan Don Bardendon headshot

3.) Use the Entire Team – Atlanta Hawks Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer Nzinga Shaw Nzingashaw

4.) Be Prepared for the Big Moments – Dave Sanderson – Last man off  Flight 1549 landing in the Hudson

PastedGraphic-4 (1)

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