cropped-trademarked-laeta-logo-high-def.png is your healthcare expert. If we don’t do it we are affiliated with the best individuals and organizations that do. 

Whether it be collaborating with you or others, our goal is to invest and help you grow and  become more successful. If there is anything we can do for you it would be an honor to serve.

The following are a list of the companies we own or partner with to make life more profitable and easier for you.


CTE Payroll  CTE PAYROLL –  We do it right the first time. Payroll done accurately by friendly staff. Call us with your current payroll numbers and we will show you how much money you can save.


Apex doctor solutions logo  Apex Doctor Solutions – Accountants and bookkeepers that speak your language AND check in with you monthly to discuss the performance of your business. Our accountants are the best of the best as well as consultants to Fortune 500 accountants. We deliver great work at competitive fees.  Send us your taxes and see how much more money you can make.  


firstamericandentalfinance First American Dental Finance – Finally, fast bank loans at great prices. Need new equipment, office renovations, technology or dental practice acquisitions?  First American can help you. Better rates. Faster Service.  Stop waiting, get your money TODAY.


Untitled presentation  3Ci – Leadership Development – Don’t you deserve to lead and play on a great team that is winning? Employees are firing their managers and leaving to go find a better leader and team. We can help you grow your business and have a winning team. Keep your team intact. Call us now. Meet our four coaches:

1.) Develop Team Play Mentality – NBA All Star Dominique WilkinsNBA: Atlanta Hawks at Phoenix Suns

2.) Alignment of Mind and Heart – The Perfect Plan Don Bardendon headshot

3.) Use the Entire Team – Atlanta Hawks Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer Nzinga Shaw Nzingashaw

 4.) Be Prepared for the Big Moments – Dave Sanderson – Last man off  Flight 1549 landing in the Hudson

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Seaward  Seaward Management – A full service investment firm working with high networth individuals. We want to earn your business.

Our clients say they now receive better returns than they previously did. At Seaward we care about you and provide an experienced team and full compliment of investment vehicles. Call Jeff St. Mary 20090929_Seaward_018+JJS.FINAL.jpgand allow your money to work harder for you.


grove dental group Philadelphia, PA  
blue tree dentalReno, NV

Dental management innovations

Springfield, MA
omega management (1) Los Angeles, CA

Like minded dental service organization owners using similar processes and philosophies. We buy or build dental practices across the USA and are united to establish best practices and collaborate with one another. Isn’t better to work as a team rather than going it  alone? Come affiliate with us.


reboottraining Reboot Training – Our clients see an average 54.9% increase in productivity, quality of work, and feel better by using the Toyota Production System. Aren’t you ready to earn more and go home feeling better?

Efficiency and effectiveness training for the entire team. Toyota Production System – New York State Government We also have a division specific to dentistry and medicine High Performance Dentistry.  Reach out now and see how your team can work smarter and be happier!


designergo Design Ergonomics – We use Starbucks, Walmart, and McDonald’s methods to find the best places to locate medical and dental offices. Then we build offices based on the Toyota way. This makes life better for you and your patients. The Toyota approach allows for more treatment rooms in your existing space that are easier to work in. They allow you to be more productive and feel more spacious to your patients.


ergonomicproducts.png Ergonomic Products – Dental office equipment manufacturing – The Toyota Production System taught us how to practice dentistry. Now we make the equipment that allows you to better use that system. Our equipment is durable, costs less, and allows you to work more efficiently. Order today!