We Develop Businesses

We Create Prosperity

We Enhance Lives

Serving others is energizing and so, one person at a time we serve. The ripple effect this creates is beautiful and fuels our desire to do even more. We hope to have the privilege one day of serving you!


From our Founder –

“I believe I will have an interview with God one day.  He will look at my life and see how much love, sacrifice, and service my wife & children received from me. Then we will look at my interactions, talents, and connections. What did I do with these and WHY?

I can do a lot more. That is why I created LAETA to better use my interactions, talents and connections to positively impact more people. I don’t completely comprehend what our lives intersecting means. But, it begs the question; should we do something together and if so how?

Life is a gift. I want to be the best servant to humanity I can and believe this will happen collaborating with extraordinary people like you.  I look forward to learning from you and hope we will have the chance to do some good together.”

– Mark Sivers