LAETA sponsor of What’s Next Dentistry podcast

We are proud to sponsor “What’s Next Dentistry.” This podcast highlights dentistry and how it carestackis changing. In the last fifteen years, we have gone to digital charts, three dimensional images, and crowns made the same day. Incredible progress in a short period of time. A real paradigm shift has occurred. With it, comes the question:

What are you doing today to improve your earnings, work life, and time off?

Our podcast, What’s Next Dentistry, discusses this and prepares you for tomorrow! Each episode tackles a new topic with facts, stories, and examples, so you can immediately make more money, have an easier work life, and more time off. New episodes come out every Friday morning at 5:00 AM, EST. They are crafted so you can listen on your way to work and then use them during the day. We have covered a variety of topics including,woman blue shirt double vs

  • What the top 1% do to stay ahead of you.
  • Three systems the top 1% use to grow sustainably.
  • Proven processes to continuously improve.

What’s Next Dentistry boils down tried and tested principles from the best minds, companies, and universities so you can take the information and put it immediately into action.

Your success is our goal. Lofty? Yes! Your enthusiasm for continual improvement fuels us.

Testimonials approval-female-gesture-hand-41373.jpeg

“Listening to you inspired me to improve what I do.” Amanda S.

“A quick note to say I enjoyed listening to episode 5 of the podcast… I like your energy and enthusiasm – well done!!” Dave F.

“It’s great to hear your fresh perspective. We aren’t hearing your insights anywhere else. ” Samantha B.


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