People Are Stealing From You! Find out How.


We are so focused on caring for our patients as health care providers that we forget there are people waiting to take advantage of us. So much money enters our offices and we see none of it as it exchanges hands. What have you instituted in your practice to protect your most valuable asset, CASH FLOW?

After speaking with hundreds of dentists they all say once you have been in practice long enough you will have had an employee that steals from you. Usually, it is your most trusted person; the one that no one would have expected. $100,000 or more later you learn, I trusted a thief.

There is a way to protect your checks, insurance reimbursements, bank accounts, and cash. When was the last time you checked out what your staff are doing to protect your money? Find out what to do and how in Episode 22 of What’s Next Dentistry.

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